Creative Movement:  Age 2 1/2 & up - Designed to develop basic coordination skills. Teaches hand-eye coordination, group direction, social skills, right and left body directions, simple movements to music. A preparation class before dance class.

Ballet: Age 4 & up - Teaches balance skills, develops coordination skills and creates good muscle tone,
brings poise and confidence to the student. A season of ballet is strongly recommended before tap or jazz.

Tap:  Age 4 & up - Develops good rhythm skills, balance skills and coordination to fast pace music. Creates strong leg muscles and develops good physical and mental coordination.

Jazz:  Age 7 & up - Learn free-style dance steps while having fun. Develops good muscle tone, coordination skills and poise. Variations are street dancing or hip-hop. 

Hip-Hop: Age 7 & up - Street dancing with lots of funk. Jazz moves done with low kicks and strong upper body moves. Develops good rhythm skills and balance.

Clogging: Age 7 & up - Learn rhythm skills to fast pace music. Moving the feet to tap skills while using the full floor. Creates strong leg muscles while using lots of energy.

Age 10 & up - Jazz and Ballet movements combined. Dancing done with lots of emotion and feeling. Develops poise and balance.




                                             Friday, August 10th, 4:00-8:00pm

                                           Saturday August 11th  10:00 am - 12:00pm

We will have Standing Ovations from Fort Wayne at the studio for shoe fitting during registration. Payment is due at the time of sizing. 


The dress code is designed to help dancers achieve the best possible instruction from the teacher. In order for the teacher to correct and instill proper technique they must be able to see the dancers movements. All students are required to have hair pulled back (in a bun for ballet) and wear proper dance attire.

Creative Movement:
  Loose, comfortable clothes, easy to move in and tennis shoes or ballet slippers. 

Black leotard, pink or white tights, pink leather ballet slippers.

Tap: Black leotard, any color tights. Black dance pants, capri, or dance shorts may be worn but they must be form fitting. Black flat heeled shoes for beginners and black oxford shoes for advanced students.

Jazz: Black leotard, any color tights. Black dance pants, capri or dance shorts may be worn but they must be form fitting. Black slippers for beginners and black oxford shoes for advanced students.

Hip-Hop: Same as Jazz. Black hip-hop shoes.

Clogging: Same as Jazz. White clogging shoes.

Same as Jazz. Tan lyrical footies.

                                                                           **Shoes and dance attire are available at the studio.
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